Artist Statement

Since graduating with a combined 2:1 Media & Photography Honours Degree from De Montfort University in the mid-nineties, the medium of photography has undergone a complete digital revolution. However I use my camera more like a paintbrush, concentrating on using a soft focus and short depth of field, to develop a more painterly effect within my work. Influenced by the work of the Old Dutch Masters such as Ambrosious Bosschaert & Rachel Ruysch as well as renowned photo-graphers Imogen Cunningham & Robert Mapplethorpe, I too, am instinctively drawn to flowers, their beautiful colours, feminine forms and powerful presence they play in all our everyday lives.

These series of photographic works are very personal to me. As I being to observe and capture the changes over time of these fading blooms, so I begin to accept the inevitability that besets us all with the passing of time. Mother Nature, gently taking my hand and guiding me through the ageing process! I limit the amount of digital manipulation I practice in my work, preferring to capture the exact ‘moment in time’ when the decaying process starts and a flower starts to take on different shapes and meanings; or when it is ‘just past it’s best’.

I achieved my Licenciateship (LRPS) from the Royal Photographic Society in September 2012.

June 2017